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Sandler Training | Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Meet Daniela Colter

Office Manager, Sandler Training in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Daniela Colter

Daniela Colter

Daniela joined the Sandler Team in April 2018 bringing many years of experience. A native of Dartmouth, however, left many years ago and began her career in the construction industry in Toronto as a junior accountant and transitioned into banking in Ottawa for the Bank of Canada as an internal auditor and financial analyst.

She took some time away from the corporate life when she and her husband moved to the US raising their 3 boys. While being a stay-at home mom she chaired various school and sports committees until she returned to the working environment in construction as a project coordinator for a Seattle company. In 2017 she and her husband returned to their native Dartmouth and taken on the role of Office Manager for Sandler Training in Halifax.

Connect with Sandler Training

Connect with Daniela via email at salescareers@sandler