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Sandler Training | Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Client Partnerships


David Wilson

CEO, Wilsons Security

Mobilizing technology companies to get the most out of their people through the Sales Mastery, Customer Service and Strategic Management programs.

"I'm an engineer by education so I had to learn how to be a sales manager.  One piece we were missing was understanding how sales worked.  Sandler is a great solution for us.  Our business has grown rapidly over the last 5 years.  We've gone from zero customers 5 years ago to more than 7,500 customers".

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Denise Green

Senior Director, Resource Development, United Way Halifax Region

Assisting non-profit organizations create a culture of business development to drive growth.

"We are pleased to have developed a partnership with Sandler Training that has seen a number of our staff fully participate in programs including Sales Mastery, Strategic Sales Management and Strategic Customer Care. Within our teams, Sandler Training has developed more confidence to turn the transactions of campaigns into a relationship-based partnership with increased revenues and impact for our city.

Thanks to Sandler Training, we are now in the business of qualifying partners to invest in our movement rather than convincing donors to simply give to our charity. Our organization is on a new path and it is thanks to our local Sandler Training office who have provided us with the leadership and counsel to create a new team of volunteers and staff to raise more money, build deeper relationships and create more impact." 

Learn more about how the United Way is helping business development for our city!

John Swain

President, Swain and Associates Chartered Accountants

Helping non-selling professionals overcome the challenge of developing new business by applying the Sandler Relationship Selling System. 

"It seems the culture around selling, at least within my field of chartered accountancy, is to do good work and hope your clients say good thing about you to others. While this is true, I wanted an edge on my competition. The training I received at Sandler gave me the skills to get that edge. Now, instead of waiting for work to come in, I'm going out and getting it."

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