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Alex Hickey-grant

This article clearly explains how leaders unknowingly create a culture of learned helplessness in their company. It tells you what to do about it, and how to empower your team.

This article explains how gratitude for what you have can help get you where you want to be.

This article discusses best practices for prospecting on LinkedIn and why you and your team need to take advantage of it. 

This article explains how to adjust to the new landscape and why it is so important. 

This article explains why not having a hiring process in your company is a huge blind spot. 

This article will explain why not having a process for hiring is a huge blind spot and how the SEARCH Model is the answer.

This article gives you valuable insight into the one thing Sandler clients report helps them maintain control of a sale.

This article will explain clearly and concisely why having blind spots in your company can only be a good thing.