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It is the first piece of business all Sandler Trainers do conduct with clients before offering any of Sandler’s world-renowned training programs.

A DISC assessment is a questionnaire about your behaviors that reveal your prevalent communication style. It provides you an opportunity to learn proven, effective ways to identify and communicate correctly with clients and employees with each of the following communication styles.
1. Dominant – direct, strong-willed, and forceful
2. Influence – friendly, talkative, and lively
3. Steadiness – gentle, accommodating, and soft-hearted
4. Conscientiousness – private, analytical, and logical

Using DISC assessments for the team you manage can help with
• Building real, long-lasting relationships with clients – imagine how sales and client retention could improve if you knew the best way to engage with everybody you sell to
• Onboarding employees effectively. It is considered an unbeatable recruitment tool by Sandler and many of our clients. You won’t waste time or money on procedures that are less likely to help your new hire
• Rectifying internal communication gaps, which means better employee relationships, therefore, less internal stress and drama
• Motivating all of your team members based on individual strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and stressors
• Becoming the best leader that you’re capable of being

The point of a DISC Assessment is not to label people. Its to help you understand and harness effective communication styles so organizations and their employees can be the well-oiled machines they need to be, now more so than ever.

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