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Sandler Training | Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Going from Sales Foundations to Advanced Deal Closing in our Sales Mastery Program!  Hundreds of individuals have taken the initiative to advance their careers through our sales training; moving from the sales on-boarding workshop to a reinforced program to master sales or leadership.


You may qualify for the Nova Scotia Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI). We have helped professionals with completing the application process to successfully acquire this government funding; contact us today to help you gain the skills needed to grow your business.


You should attend if:

  • You are losing valuable time trying to qualify or disqualify an opportunity early in your sales process.
  • The prospect is excited about your product but they are not saying “yes” to your offer.
  • You're struggling to reach decision-makers and influencers.
  • You see the value in your offering, but the prospect doesn’t “get it".
  • You are falling into the trap of discounting to close deals.


Our approach emphasizes, incremental learning in a highly interactive, comfortable, and professional learning environment.  Applicants (individuals or companies) are carefully assessed prior to enrollment into the program to assure the program's continued success and integrity. 

New attendees complete the two-day "Foundations" onboarding program that introduces and acclimates the applicants to the learning environment and provides a baseline knowledge about the Sandler concepts, theories, and approaches.

*We highly recommend starting your teams or yourself with our Sales Foundations Program before entering this advanced program to learn the foundational structure of the Sandler methodologies. 


At Sandler, our belief is the best approach to truly move the needle is a reinforced training and coaching program that allows for interpreting new sales techniques and committing the time to practice what is being learned.  90% of what we learn is by doing.

While our public Sales Mastery program is designed for teams, individuals and even non-selling professionals in any industry improve their sales process and achieve significant ROI, sometimes a custom training approach may be more suitable.  These programs are built together with our clients and delivered either in-class, on-site at the client's location or even over the internet in a live facilitated fashion. 

If your sales team is missing forecasts, chasing stalled deals, or not getting enough new opportunities, contact us today for a conversation in helping you determine which approach makes sense.  These training programs may be just what you need to get your team or yourself moving forward and achieving your goals. Programs are open to all industries and professionals.