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Sandler Training | Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Tired of hiring sales people who never work out?

Your sales team should be the best performing group in the company. How do you make sure that each hire, from the first to the last, adds to your ability to grow your business?


Start building your sales team today!

Hiring and Assessment Services

At Sandler Training we support your hiring process by using a trusted and rigorous candidate qualification and assessment system that uncovers how a candidate will perform and to what level they are suited to a particular role.

Qualified candidates are benchmarked against 33 sales attributes and communication preferences that are relevant to the sales role you are looking to fill (inside sales, outside sales, account management, sales management etc). This data provides clarity regarding of areas of strength as well as developmental opportunities.

Customized onboarding coupled with world class sales training ensures that you find, keep and develop the right person for your organization. For an initial conversation about the hiring and assessment services offered, please contact us.

  • Role Clarity

    Worried about exactly what kind of candidate you need? We have the right questions to ensure you pick the candidate you actually need.

  • Scientific Approach

    Scared about asking the right interview questions? Our scientific approach ensures that successful interviews mean a higher probablity of successful candidates.

  • Continuous Training

    Worried that your recruitment partner is just waiting for the grace period to expire? We fully support each placement with a full year of our world class sales training program.