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Management Fundamentals Training Program

Perfect for: Sales and non-sales managers who are new to their managerial roles. 

Are you prepared to meet the challenges of higher-level responsibilities?

You're expected to gain more engagement and accountability from employees, develop more unified and collaborative teams, and be prepared to deal with the trials of a leadership role. Are you confident you have the skills to accomplish all this?  What gaps do you want to close?


Some of the challenges most often cited by emerging leaders

Growing into a leadership role can be a struggle

  • Getting their job done through other people
  • Working up and delivering performance evaluations
  • Having a career path for junior executives to grow into
  • Clear communication
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Creating a strong culture and vision
  • Managing change and its consequences
  • Finding, obtaining and maintaining good fit customers
  • Staying on track personally
  • Understanding and applying the numbers appropriately

Learn how to lead, direct and coach employees to perform at optimum levels.

As an emerging leader, you'll be armed with new ways to meet the challenges of advanced responsibilities and be equipped to win more employee engagement, infuse greater employee accountability, build more unified teams, and master the gut-wrenching ordeals of leadership.

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A Program Specifically for Emerging Leaders

Sandler provides a comprehensive approach that covers all the major areas of concern to emerging leaders, enabling you to maximize your performance, and that of your employees and your organization.

What you will be working on in our Management Fundamentals Training Program:

  • Improving your BAT’ing average – understanding the relationship between Behaviour, Attitude, and Technique

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding how to stretch our comfort zones

Removing head trash and self-limiting beliefs



  • Goal Setting – encapsulating our goals in a Vision Board

Learning Outcomes:

Exploring a process to create goals and ensure they come to fruition



  • Time Management and cookbooks – avoiding the traps and pitfalls of being “busy” but not productive

Learning Outcomes:

Learning new tools to manage our schedules more effectively

Creating an activity plan to maximize our “pay time”



  • Recruiting and Hiring – ensuring you have the right people on the bus in the right seats

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding participants’ current hiring processes and closing the gaps

Improving hiring and retention success rates through a variety of tools



  • Employee Onboarding – transitioning from the hiring process to a productive employee

Learning Outcomes:

Tools and strategies to ensure a mutually positive onboarding experience for new employees while setting clear expectations and accountabilities



  • Understanding your People – Essential communication skills

Learning Outcomes:

Improving communication techniques

Understanding and managing ego states for better communications

Effectively managing conflict with co-workers, clients, suppliers etc



  • Coaching for excellence – coaching versus supervising

Learning Outcomes:

Avoiding the trap of “telling” when coaching

Exploring how to turn coaching sessions away from inspection to development by having employees self-discover more effective means of solving problems and challenges



  • Staging Effective Meetings - meeting management sounds obvious until personalities derail them, goals aren’t accomplished, people leave demotivated and staff don’t look forward to them

Learning Outcomes:

How to make meetings (internal or client-facing) more efficient, effective resulting in more positive outcomes

Learn how to...

Implement a process of identifying, recruiting and hiring ideal candidates for positions based on skills and experience.

Acclimate a new hire to the position in a manner that ensures his or her success.

Address concerns from a performance perspective while accomplishing two major objectives:

  • addressing the issue without impacting the employee’s self-esteem
  • empowering the employee to course correct and improve his or her performance.

Start transforming yourself into the leader you want to be TODAY!

Learn more about our Management Fundamentals Training Program, by contacting us today.  

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