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Sandler Training | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Communication- The key to a Successful Career

Advanced Communications Workshop

Interactive Communications Workshop


  • Frustrated when trying to communicate with some clients, prospects or colleagues?
  • Wondering why employees or colleagues are not listening you?
  • Annoyed when a prospect, client or colleague either doesn't engage with you or is direct, impatient or talks too much?
  • Challenged in managing different communication styles within your team?



Learn Effective Tools

You will leave with tools to improve your communication style

In this workshop, we will identify DISC profiles, which will help recognize profiles of clients, prospects, colleagues and our teams. Adjusting our style of communication ensures strong and long lasting relationships, provides the ability to understand one’s own and others' behavior, and to adjust one’s own behavior to better suit the situation to avoid unnecessary problems in communication. In life, communication is always present. Learn how to communicate more effectively, personally and professionally.