Many salespeople sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that our most important job is to create quotes.

We do as many quotes as possible, email those quotes and leave lots and lots of messages—all in the hope that prospects will hunt us down and tell us they’ve decided to buy. 

Have you ever considered there may be a better way?

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In the Nova Scotia Sandler Training office, Eric Fry and Wendy Vrooman bring a unique approach to teaching the Sandler system.

Whether in Foundations, President’s Club, Strategic Customer Care, Sales Management or on distance training, our dynamic trainers are committed to working with their clients to help them achieve their business development goals.  Read more...

Selling On Snow Days

Say what you will about Maritime winter weather, for the sales prospector, there is an upside. During the course of the three coldest months of the year – mid-December through mid-March, how many ... Read more...

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Client Testimonial: Chris Barden

Client Testimonial: Amanda Paulley

Client Testimonial: Robert Niven

Robert Niven, Carbon Cure Technologies, on his 3 years with Sandler Training. See more client testimonials at


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