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Sandler Training | Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Leadership for Organizational Excellence

"Excellent" caliber businesses are growing and expanding, and constantly moving beyond comfort zone to adjust to changing technology and market conditions.


You may qualify for the Nova Scotia Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI). We have helped professionals with completing the application process to successfully acquire this government funding; contact us today to help you gain the skills needed to grow your business.

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Leadership for Organizational Excellence

How do we move from "at–risk" to "excellence"? Too many leaders don't know what they don't know about the obstacles they face and are not interested in finding out. Sandler's Leadership for Organizational Excellence program sets you and your team on the road to excellence. Whether you are the owner of the company or leading a team, this program will help you keep moving forward. 


Sales Management Program

You must supervise, coach, and mentor them while holding them accountable for uncovering new business, sustaining existing business, managing their territories, and completing paperwork on time.

You must be able to recruit, hire, and train new salespeople who have the required experience, skills, and abilities to not just do the job, but to excel in the position.

Could you use a little help? No doubt. Sandler provides you with the processes, tools, and techniques to keep you and your people focused on high-value activities while you lead them to the highest levels of success.

For example, in our experience, many sales organizations underestimate the importance of the coaching role. They misunderstand the definition of coaching, do this inconsistently, or entirely omit this support with their team.  As a result, the sales leader's skillset is unbalanced....and the challenges being experienced are more likely to become permanently embedded in daily working operations.  This leads to stress, burnout, and less-than-optimal income numbers.


There's rarely a one-size-fits all solution to every sales problem, so we offer a variety of programs designed to fit you and your organization's needs.

Some of our programs include: